About Us

Our Team of Designers

Studio 63 are a design team with a full stack complement of expertise, knowledge and skill set to bring products and services to any and every industry. Studio 63 is a small studio, which gives us an agile and creative approach to solving problems in short periods of time. Being a small knit group also allows us to quickly adapt to our client’s on going needs.

Miles Hammond


Miles has a passion for designing and building products that make people say wow. Whether designing in CAD, 3D renderings, working on cars or playing on the water, he is always busy thinking how problems can be solved to make designs better.

Brett Hooper

Senior Industrial Designer

Brett is an industrial designer with a skillset centered around mechanical ,automotive and package design.  He also enjoys producing branding and identity work. He is  a former Professor of Industrial design at Carleton University.

Will Fletcher

Senior Industrial Designer

A master of product design and prototyping, Will is dedicated to creating beautiful things that work. He specializes in bringing a thoughtful approach to his work, ensuring that user and client experience are top priority.

Brianna McGregor

Industrial Designer

Brianna has a background as a designer for global players in the leisure/recreation and housewares industries and has a keen eye for crafting visually captivating designs. She is committed to pushing creative boundaries and delivering exceptional results.