We Design & Make Products

We are an award winning design studio that helps businesses and entrepreneurs make some of the most futuristic and innovative products on the planet.

Design Services

We provide our world-class clients and customers with design services to bring ideas and products to the marketplace. We are a small team of industrial designers who specialize and provide the following services:

Product Design

Automotive Design

Mechanical Design

Graphic Design

Package Design

3D Printing

Autonomous Vehicles

UX Design

We can make things look better, work better and cost less to make.

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We Make Autonomous vehicles drive

We can design, build & integrate autonomous vehicle tech into any vehicle with wheels or tracks.

We Make Watercraft More Fun

We can design all types of watercraft. From surfboards to paddleboards.

We Make Audio More Visual

We can design audio equipment that will make a statement in any room.

We Make Things That Move

We can design anything automotive. We specialize in automotive design.

We Make Products Work

We can design and build products in any quantity. One-off prototypes to mass manufacturing.

We Make The Future Today

We designed and built the world’s first autonomous delivery vehicles for Walmart. 12 of them.

We Make Devices Electric

We can design electronic enclosures to make your tech work and look better.

We Make Sure It’s Possible

We can help you solve complex problems when your team is stuck or too busy.

Yes We Can

We are a full-stack product development team. Small enough to be agile and smart enough to tackle some of the most difficult problems our clients present to us. We enjoy our jobs at Studio 63. Contact us anytime.

About us

We Take Ideas To the Finish Line

We can help you get your product, idea and vision to market. From art to part in record time.