Automotive Design

Studio 63 doesn’t design cars, we design the future possibilities of what cars could be. For many years Studio 63 has had the pleasure of working with several cutting edge companies with the dream of creating the next important automotive technologies of the future. Studio 63 are Canada’s experts in bringing these visions to life, by designing, building and integrating custom components, parts and software to showcase, test and deploy the future of automotive design. What is possible? We don’t know yet but we will help you achieve that goal.

Integration and Builds

There is no doubt that self driving vehicles are the future of transportation. Studio 63 has helped many companies get closure to the future by providing our design expertise to both quickly and cost effectively provide solutions to autonomous vehicle problems. We are conveniently located in the heart of self driving technology development in Canada.

Automotive UX Design

As more screens are integrated in vehicles everyday, user experience and safety are of utmost importance. Studio 63 has been designing infotainment systems and IC panels that are both beautiful and user centric for many automotive and tech companies alike.

Autonomous Vehicles

We are the only company in North America who can design, build and integrate any and all autonomous vehicle sensors on almost any vehicle. From custom brackets to custom dashboards, we can design install and wire it all.

Automotive Test Platforms

In cabin digital experiences will be the future going forward with automotive development. How do you test the latest tech and user experience when the vehicle doesn’t exist. Studio 63 is the world’s number one designer of automotive “bucks” or AXT’s (automotive user experience testing platforms). We can design and build some of the world most sophisticated and best looking infotainment systems around.